The Basics Of Fashion Marketing

The Basics Of Fashion Marketing and Fashion Advertising Hickey Media

While designing and manufacturing clothes are crucial aspects of this industry, the reality is that fashion marketing with visual and design content is also extremely important.

Sure, you want to create the best clothing and jewelry, but a lot of your time needs to be focused on getting customers flowing in as well.

This article will give you insight into the key things you need to consider when marketing your fashion apparel, jewelry, and accessory brand.

What Is Fashion Marketing & Why Do I Need It?

Fashion Marketing is when an apparel, jewelry, accessory, or beauty line promotes its product. Advertising with digital and/or print to get in front of a desired audience, and make them take action to either buy from you or engage.

The reason why you need to be doing fashion marketing if you have a product is that it will help you get in front of your potential customers the easiest ways possible. This regards everything

Use Social Media To Attract & Stay In Touch With Customers

Facebook and Instagram are amazing platforms for marketing. What makes it stand out is the fact that you can share images regarding your products and encourage people to share them with others. Free virality with your posts if you can get enough people to share it.

You can also use ads, for example, to boost your images and display them in front of customers. It’s the best way to do jewelry marketing or apparel marketing.

Even simple things such as likes or follows can help promote your business and grow it beyond belief.

Use Google Search & Display To Turn Strangers Into Customers

People use platforms such as Google to search for things they need. Or to research a problem they are having.

Putting your ad infront of someone on Google Search is another crucial channel to bring more traffic to your site.

The Basics Of Fashion Marketing Social Media Hickey

Build Your Email List

Building your email list is crucial to growth. What if Instagram and Facebook shut down tomorrow? Don't get caught with all your eggs in one basket, build your backbone, aka your email list.

One tool that will forever be consistent is email. Yes, the spam laws and such may change over time, but you will still be able to communicate.

Social media channels come and go. Use email for direct one to one contact with your customer time after time.

Use Blog & Website To Build A Community

Coming up with blog post ideas is easy, the difficult part is getting them to come out how you envision them in your head.

Take a look at your favorite bloggers in the industry. What does their writing style look like?

Now take a look at the best bloggers in history for any industry. What does their writing style look like?

After you have a clear understanding of a quality blog writing format you can then start on your ideas. I suggest turning on the voice recorder on your phone and simply speaking out loud as you walk about a room. Treat it like you were talking to an audience.

This will help you get ideas out fast and painless. Once your done recording, sit down at your computer and get to writing.

A few simple things to consider for your blog writing:

  • Plan the post and choose a topic for it
  • Write the post and include keywords in it.
  • Add images to the post
  • Do a grammar check

Optimize Your Web Content For SEO

When writting blog content or creating pages on your website, it is important to think about the verbiage and keywords being used.

Understanding what headlines need to be used and what body copy formats perform best for coming in search results is important. That is unless you do want to spend a ton of time writting content that will never be seen.

That is unless you advertise it on social media or email.

Be aware of what keywords your customers are searching for, so you can better plan around that with your content and meaning.

The SEO world can be a bit confusing and challenging, which is why a very good idea is to study all these things in a meaningful way.

  • Link to authority sites
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing
  • Optimize your content and write blog posts often
  • Create long content and come up with your own keywords

Network With Influencers & Other People In The Industry

Finding the people your customers look up to is essential. As well as what brands they are interested in.

Once you know who your customer is interested you can better adjust how you present yourself to increase sales. I'm not saying copy, I'm suggesting you notice what you are missing out on.

Contact Influencers directly and get pricing on how much it will cost for them to promote your product. Once you're happy with the price, pay them and watch the followers and sales come in.

Not all influencers will get you the results you want. Some may not even get you many followers. It is all about being relative. If you choose an influencer that you know your customer loves, it will be a win. If its off brand not exactly your niche you are wasting your money.

The Basics Of Fashion Marketing Influencer Hickey Media

Create Unique Video, Photo, & Graphic Design Content

Most fashion marketers will ask that you share your content with them to promote or they tell you what they need to get started. We are a full-service agency that helps clients from start to finish by promoting their campaigns.

Creating quality content is essential to building credibility and keeping someone interested. Make sure your content plays up your companies voice and displays your message clearly.

Your logo, business card, Facebook page banner, Instagram caption, emails, etc. Should all have a consistent presence.


Fashion marketing is just like marketing any other industry. The only difference is it is mostly products, and the only services usually offered are custom tailoring or personal stylist. Fashion Marketers use all the channels available to bring in new customers and retain current customers. Have a clear understanding of who your customer is before launching campaigns.

The Basics Of Fashion Marketing

About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn.


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