Ideal Blog Post Writing Style & Word Count

Ideal Blog Post Writing Style & Word Count Hickey Media

There are so much controversy and debate as to the ideal blog length. Some feel that a 300-500 word count article is best while many others will tell you that your blog length should be as long as 2,200-3,500 words. It all comes down to who you are writting to.

No doubt it can be quite confusing for someone who wants to start a blog to determine how long your post should be or how often you should post.

So what is the perfect blog length and how many times should you publish?

This article will prove helpful if you are conflicted. Let's get started... 

What Is The Perfect Blog Length?

To get the perfect blog length you must understand and decide on what perfect means. Most often "perfect blog" either means:

  • Optimized as well as possible for SEO and ranking factors
  • Leads the reader into buying your product or service
  • Both of the above

Well, the truth is, there is no fixed blog length which can be classified as a perfect length. This is because there are multiple factors that contribute to what makes a good blog. If you haven’t taken a look at Googles 200+ ranking factors, you should. They wrote out all the things they consider when ranking your page.

Let’s not get hung up on ranking factors and such, let’s get back to why you are here. Blog length and frequency of posting…

Ideal Blog Post Writing Style & Word Count Blogging

Short Blog

A shorter blog length might not be able to explain your topic in detail. Especially if you want to truly give the reader value. It also lessens your chances of people able to include the necessary amount of keywords and tags in your post.

However short blogs are great to get a strong piece of content on the web. If you short 750-word blog is full of heat, it will drive engagement and do just fine. But if it's 750 of fluff then your out of luck and not even the robots will like it much.

If you write a short blog, be bold and clear, and get to at least 750 words.

Long Blog

A longer blog allows the reader to stay on your site for a long time which helps with your ranking as well as informs the reader. You should be hitting the 2,000-word mark if your product is over $150. Use that as a general rule of thumb.

The more expensive the product, the better you will be able to sell it and explain it the longer it gets. I am not saying be redundant, use your words wisely here.

Most Importantly

It is extremely important to focus on the value you are delivering and not the word count here. As yourself a few simple questions before beginning your post:

  • Who will be reading this?
  • Does this solve their problem?
  • Did I give enough information or too much information?
  • Did I inspire engagement?

Once you understand who you are writing this blog post for you can clearly get started. If you find it difficult getting up to 2,000 words. Take a step back and think of what questions someone might ask themselves after reading your current article. Write those questions down, and include the answers to them in your blog to help add more words.

How Often Should You Post?

Well, the time to blog is as you choose it to be. The regularity at which you post can affect the number of people who visit your blog. However, it is best that your posts are either daily or weekly depending on your target audience and the objective of your blog. While both frequencies can increase the number of people who visit your blog, there are certain disadvantages.

Posting daily will help your blog to grow faster as there is always something new for your readers.

In fact, this is the best way of increasing the number of people who visit your blog. However, when you post daily, you can easily run out of creative ideas. In addition, there’s a lot of pressure to always post something on a daily basis. This can take its toll on you and you can wear out easily.

When you post weekly, however, you have enough time to research your topics thoroughly to provide a post with quality content. The major disadvantage is that your blog growth will be slower and you can easily lose track of time to post your next article, especially when you’re relaxed. You can decide to post more articles weekly like 2-3 posts each week.

Ideal Blog Post Writing Style & Word Count Marketing Calander


Remember that every blog serves a different purpose. Some blogs may be there to simply inform, while other blogs are written to sell products. Everyone’s goal of "the perfect blog" is different. These choices are based on who you are writing for. As a general rule of thumb keep these points in mind when creating your blog posts:

  • Write posts about 2,000 words
  • Post at least once a week
  • Promote posts on your other channels
  • Main Keywords in body
  • Main Keywords in description
  • Main Keywords in title
  • Main Keywords in H1
  • Main Keywords in Slug
  • Include links: Inbound, Outbound, and Internal links included in all blogs

Overall deliver value, and go easy on the fluff.

Ideal Blog Post Writing Style & Word Count

About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn.

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