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Branding Strategies To Develop Your Fashion Company Hickey Media


Building a brand is simple, branding is difficult. When someone takes a split second look at your logo or product and clearly feels a specific way about it, that's branding.

Yes, all art forms give off a specific emotion. But branding gives off a consistant and clear emotion that you can relate to time after time.

What Is Branding & Brand Strategy?

Branding is the overall image and visuals and message of a company including the logo, product, or service.

A brand strategy is the overall plan of long-term goals you want to have happened with your brand along with the companies character and voice.

A brand strategy is not simply just a logo, product, or service. It is the message and voice behind them. The Purpose of it all.

For example, you would go through every social media channel and describe your voice and image on that channel.

Step 1: Understand Clearly Who Your Customer Is

Knowing who you are designing for, writing ads for, and shooting videos for is essential for nailing your branding. We wrote an entire blog about and resource about how to find your audience on Facebook and Instagram. Check it out here.

Once you know what age, gender, and interest you best customers have, you now have some direction of who to go after.

When the company and I have the business message and logo aligned we then dive into the brand strategy. Let's go over what's going on in my head as I create logos for clients...

Step 2: Your Brands Logo & Theme

Follow these steps to create your brand's logo...

  1. Research your target industry
  2. Decide on name and Style
  3. Sketch 10 ideas on paper
  4. Design top 3 concepts on screen
  5. Design 3 unique revisions based on your favorite concept
  6. Save deliverables

Excellent, now that you understand the steps of creating a logo, let's break down the psychology of the overall design...

Different Styles of Logos To Choose From

  • Lettermark
  • Wordmark
  • Pictorial Marks
  • Abstract Logo Marks
  • Mascots
  • Combination Mark
  • Emblem

    Psychology of Shapes For Your Branding

    • Circles: community, friendship, unity, protection, positive, love, harmony
    • Squares: familiarity, trust, order, peace, uniformity
    • Triangles: power, purpose, energy, strength, masculine, direction
    • Horizontal Lines: calmness, tranquility,
    • Verticle Lines: masculine, strength, aggression, courage, power
    • Round Edges: Femininity, motion, happiness, rhythm, easy to follow
    • Sharp Edges: stability, aggression

    Psychology of Typefaces For Your Branding

    • Serif: tradition, respectable, reliable, comfort
    • Sans Serif: stability, objective, clean, modern
    • Script: elegance, affectionate, creativity
    • Modern: strong, progressive, stylish, chic
    • Display: friendly, unique, expressive, amusing

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    Psychology of Color For Your Branding

    • Yellow: optimism, clarity, warmth, tough, intellect, honor, loyalty
    • Orange: friendly, cheerful, confidence, joy, sunshine, encouragement
    • Red: excitement, youthful, bold, daring, up to date, danger, determination
    • Purple: creative, imaginative, wise, glamorous, royalty, extravagance
    • Blue: trust, dependable, strong, down to earth, honest
    • Green: nature, peaceful, growth, health, reliable, successful, intelligent
    • White: light, goodness, innocence, purity, faith
    • Grey: balance, neutral, calm, timeless, practical
    • Black: mystery, power, elegance, formality, death, evil, prestigious

    Logo complete! now that I have a logo that compliments the brand's overall image. I am going to use colors that compliment the logo on every single material we design. As well as display the logo the same way on every single piece of design material. 

    Let's move onto the other essential steps to brand your fashion company...

    Step 3: Confirming Your Brand Is Consistent

    This is so simple, and also so simple to mess up. Make sure you use the same colors, fonts, and logo on everything. It gets confusing when everything you produce is a different color.

    Not only color and typefaces were talking the message as well. Make sure your slogan and links are constant on all your profiles.

    If all your marketing content were a similar theme and color. People would be able to recognize your brand clearly and your awareness would begin building.

    Step 4: Develop Brand Positioning

    As yourself these questions...

    • What makes you different than your competition?
    • What are your selling points?

    They may be full sentences or longer. Do your best to narrow them down to compliment your niche and meet their needs. 

    If everyone in your competition is shipping free, you're going to have to compete with that one way or another. Either drop your prices or get on the free shipping train.

    Step 5: Develop Brand Message

    This entails everything from your tagline to what you stand for.

    Be consistent in the things you talk about and advise on. You customers are following you for a reason.

    Step 6: Develop Brand Content

    What will my social media posts be about that my customers will actually enjoy? What will make people come back to the website? As you start to think about what would my customers be interested in tons of ideas will come to mind.

    Write them down, because great ideas belong on paper.

    Once you have about 40 pieces of potential content on paper. Pick the best 10 and get to creating.

    Step 7: How Employees Rep Your Company

    When employees post about your brand on social media it builds life to your company. You can use these as tools to play up the culture of your company. Everyone wants to know who they are working with.


    Creating a branding strategy all starts with your core values. Why do you do what you do? Once we narrow that down, we will dive in and build around it. Using your selling points, we will highlight what customers are looking for with a clear message that drives action.

    E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices Contact Hickey Media

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