Learn Your Consumer Buying Behavior

Learn Your Consumer Buying Behavior Hickey Media

Marketing your products is an exciting job but its tough and challenging as well. With there being more and more solutions to every problem out there it gives customers a boatload of options.

Understanding the problem the customer is trying to solve is crucial. They want something that looks great, or they want something that fixes a need they have. The demands are different from different customers.

Typically people buy what they know and what's popular. Hard to buy from a brand you've never heard of, am I right?

Anyways, let's break down what really runs through your customer's minds. And what is leading them to purchase your products or services? 

If you want to peep into the consumers’ buying tendencies, understand their psychology and sell your products faster! Keep on reading.

How Do Consumer’s Make Buying Decisions?

    The first and foremost thing to attain is the knowledge of how buyers make decisions of buying a product in the current scenario. The consumer’s psychology behind buying decision is deep-rooted intro two major factors; Logic and emotional impulses.

    Usually, a person never buys a product solely for one side, logical facts and emotional implications both play a vital role in this decision. A sleek and fine design of a car may lead a person to fall in love with it but he will also find out about the logical reasons for buying that car.

    The companies which successfully reach the consumer’s mind impulses can sale faster.

    Then you have other products that are less attractive but still sell well. These are products that solve problems. When someone sees the item, they think that would look great on me. Or this would fix the matching issue I have with bags that match a specific item.

    These are all top of funnel thoughts. Here is how the process goes for your customer:

    1. Problem Recognition: Realises how they haven't purchased clothes in a while or found something to match something specific. Then they become interested in what you have to offer.
    2. Information Search: Viewer looks over product page: product details, description, and fit to see if this will work for them.
    3. Evaluation: Does your brand have anything similar for a better price? The customer may take a quick look around your site and then move onto searching other brands have this for the same price.
    4. Purchase: At this point, the customer is sold on your product and can't wait to start using it.
    5. Post-Purchase: The customer will decide whether they actually like your products and would consider reordering. If they don't re-order, why are they not satisfied?

    How To Understand A Consumer’s Behavior Towards Buying Any Product?

      When a customer makes a buying decision, he or she has a personal interest and liking upfront. If you want to reach the buying decision of the customer, your marketing strategies should be able to answer the questions like:

      1. Why do I buy this product?
      2. What’s in it for me?

      Think about the personal tendencies of a consumer, and answer to all these heartfelt queries satisfactorily to bring your product into the purchase decision line.

      If the customer can't gather all the necessary information about the item, then they will lose trust and interest. This goes especially for the apparel industry.

      We all have purchased clothes online and they didn't fit. Time flew by and we forgot to return it, now we are stuck with a bad item. Customers fear this may happen to them.

      Or even worse, they will have to take the time to go to the post office to mail it back out or be home for the UPS guy to pick it up.

      Give your customer everything they need to be confident in your product.

      Learn Your Consumer Buying Behavior Hickey Media Checking Out

      Why Do We Buy Products & Services?

        If you want to make a customer buy your product, you must find out about the major targets in the buying process of a consumer. You have to think just as you would purchasing apparel. Here are the key things that will run through their head when looking at your brand:

        1. Will this look good on me? (color and fit)
        2. What is the price? (too expensive?)
        3. What is the return/exchange policy? (Good or Bad)
        4. Are there any discounts available? (google search)
        5. What do their customers look like wearing it? (Social Proof)
        6. How big is their following? (Social Proof)

        Understanding what your customer is thinking while looking at your product is essential for displaying the right information on your site.


        Get in your customer's shoes, pun intended. I get it, you're "too in the business" and have a hard time thinking like your customers. Take a deep breath and a moment to shop on other sites you enjoy. Really slow down and see what you like about it and how you can add these features to your site. I listed a simple checklist above to get started with. Understanding who your audience is plays a large part in buying behaviors.

        About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn. Or join my Facebook Community of both established and aspiring apparel, jewelry, and accessory businesses owners and employees that support and refer one another.


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