Jonah Berger Contagious Why Things Catch On Book Summary & Review

Jonah Berger Contagious Why Things Catch On Book Summary & Review Hickey Media

It's important for all of us to understand what makes other people like something specific. Even if you are just posting a fun personal photo.

Before reading the book Contagious, I thought I had a pretty solid understanding of why people enjoyed the things they did. But after finished this book, I am blown away by all the different points Jonah Berger had to make on what makes things catch peoples interests.

Harnessing peoples interests isn't easy, but here are the main things I took from this read...

At 251 pages long, you can knock this out start to finish in about 8 hours of reading time with minimal breaks.

About The Author, Jonah Berger

Jonah Berger has a humorous and intriguing writing style that will suck you in. He was a professor marketing at the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania. He has exclusive insight, research, and data on all sorts of different industries and products.

Jonah has spent over 16 years studying and being a part of the social scene and helping clients increase sales with virality. He's published in many articles such as the Fortune 500, New York Times, Harvard Business Review and more.

You can access his books in both hard copy and audio.

Jonah Berger Contagious Why Things Catch On Book Summary & Review

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The Steps To Creating Something Contagious

Jonah goes over regardless of what product you have, there is a way to make it contagious. He created 6 unique ingredients called STEPS. I listed them out extremely lightly below to not reveal too much of the book. You have to read it for yourself to take his insight in fully.

1. Social Currency

People share what they believe makes them look cool. No one shares what can potentially make them lower in class.

2. Triggers

Stay top of mind with customers so when they think of something specific they think of you. Keep putting out content.

3. Emotion

Use the emotion of the content to achieve the desired reaction. When you decide the object and emotion be consistent with it.

4. Public

Make your product easily accessible and visible with social proof from customers. Use customer testimonials and reviews to play up your product on all channels.

5. Practical

Something useful that is can make a difference. If it doesent help others, don't post it.

6. Stories

 Embed your product in the story you want people to tell about it. Giving a life and emotion to a product or service if far better than just putting it on a plate and serving it raw.

Jonah Berger Talks At Google About "Contagious"

Jonah goes over many of these points in his Google speech. Watch the video below...


Incredible how much insight Jonah shares in that video. If you enjoyed what you have seen so far you should purchase his book. I highly recommend keeping it your collection as well as having your team read it.


This book will keep you interested the whole time. Jonah nails it with his smooth transitions between details and stories keeping you educated and on track. I highly recommend reading this to all business owners, marketers, copywriters, and creatives. The tools mentioned in this book may change the way you display your own work forever. The big takeaway, share content full of value.

Jonah Berger Contagious Why Things Catch On Book Summary & Review

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  • Great book! Thank you for the recap, it’s been about 2 years since I picked it up last.

    Jeff Ryniak

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