E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices

E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices Hickey Media

Your product page template is your salesmen. It is the only one around at the moment when your potential customer is looking at your product. It needs to speak up and sell your items, as well as make it easy for the customer to consume the information and details.

A quality e-commerce product page design template has different traits for different industries. However, some traits apply to all such as social proof and quality imagery.

This article will be focusing on the fashion industry, and will give you an overview of how your page should be looking to increase sales.

Let's get started...

Product Page Template Images

Images are the centerpiece of your product page. This is the first thing your potential customer will look at when landing.

The quality of your images, model, and styling will allow the viewer to judge the quality of your work in a split second.

If you spent the time to make this amazing product, spend the time to take quality photos of it. Even if it is a cell phone photo of your product on a piece of white cardboard. Anything is better than a terribly awkward image.

There are few things to consider when putting up the image of a product on your page:

  • Image Resolution - Make sure the quality of your image is sharp and in focus. Shoot in camera at a high resolution and save for web at 72 dpi to maintain quality and load speed.
  • Basic information - Make sure you are showing the product in its entirety from top to bottom. If it is a piece of clothing, it is best to show it on a model that fits your demographic. If you do not have model photos a laydown or invisible mannequin photo will have to do.
  • Detail Shots - For additional photos of the product, get close up details, and show it in use. Use a macro lens to show the quality of the fabric and sticthing.

E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices Description

The more your demographic can relate the images, the better. If adding accessories to the model, make sure they do not overpower the item you are aiming to sell.

Experiment with different poses, but avoid being too dramatic and taking away from the product. Save those types of photos for your social media and advertising later.

Product Page Description

A great product description can make a customer feel like they have gotten exactly what they needed or better still make them realize they have found something more than they needed which is a plus for the customer.

Depending on what you are offering, you are either selling a product the purchase will get for themselves or as a gift. It is important for a retailer, especially a fashion retailer to be smart about product description.

Use no more than 6 sentences to describe your product. If you want to write a lot more about it, link to a blog post about the item.

Let your description tell the story of the product and how it is of value to the customer. Do not include all the details about the fabric and model here, save that for your details.

Product Page Details

When using bullet points to go over your product you only need to cover the top priorities. Try not to write duplicate content as to what you wrote in the description above.

This is where you will play up the materials the product is made of, and information about the small details of your product.

Some brands find success in giving information on the best ways to wash the product, where others stay away from that to avoid scaring customers off.

There is a thin line between include it and don't. If it's a t-shirt or pair of pants that don't require any special washing features and you write you all the friendly washing features available. You are simply wasting the valuable real estate on the page.

Include the washing details if your product relies on a specific washing style to survive. If it requires anything less than survival, along with the item include a little tag or card mentioning details about the product. This is also another great way to get personal with your customer and describe how it was made.

In this details area, you will want to talk about the size and fit of your product. What size is the model wearing, and what are their measurements? Include this info to help to customer visualize the item on themselves.

Make a size guide easily available so your customers can dig in deeper if they are picky about fitting.

E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices Details

Product Page Selling Points

Are you have selling points that aren't mentioned anywhere else on the page. This is a great opportunity to talk about your fast shipping and return policy.

When customers know they can return their items easily if it doesn't work out, they are more likely to order from you.

If you are able to give information on when the customer will receive the product, it helps to display information such as "Estimated Delivery: Sep 26-27." This will give the customer peace of mind when ordering.

E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices Contact

Product Page Videos

Videos of products are essential to showing how they flow on a person when being worn. Sometimes that is the only reason someone may actually by a dress or item. 

I recommend a 30-second video showing off the product on a model, as well as close up details of the using the item. For example, if it was a jacket. I'd film them walking into a park, and putting the jacket on. Then while sitting at a bench I'd get the close-ups of them pulling up the zipper to play up the quality in the zipper and material as well as show use. Then having the model adjust the sleeves the let me get close-ups of the cuff and sleeve stitching.

Simple short videos like this with smooth music go a long way and keep people on your page longer. Another great benefit of using video is it allows you to show off your others products that complement "The Jacket Example" above. You could show off one of your hats or shirts under the jacket at the same time. 

Product Page CTA (call-to-action) Button

    Make sure the Add To Cart button is clear and legible. If you can't decide on a color, just make it green or black. When the CTA is clear and easily clickable you will have 10x more conversions than if it is hidden.

    Avoid long full sentence CTA's on your product page. Those are mainly used for downloads or unique offers. Keep it sharp and simple with Add To Cart.

    I understand you may have other products or add-on items you'd like to sell on the page. Just make sure there is a main "parent" CTA, and any other smaller "children" CTA's look slightly less attention-grabbing.

    No need to get crazy on the colors, keep it simple and relatable. Choose from green, black, red, or blue.

    E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices CTA

    Product Page Social Proof

    Having positive reviews from real customers, and even better photos of them wearing your products can turn a stranger into a raving fan faster than you think.

    Having an influence on other people has a huge impact on the buying decision. When your customers see other giants in the industry using your product, that is massive social proof.

    These are my favorite types of social proof:

    • Customer product review with photo or video
    • Company testimonial with photo or video
    • Company logos you've been featured on

    It makes us feel good about ourselves and comfortable with a decision. Displaying social proof can be as easy as showing off how many Facebook shares this product has received. Or even easier, how many likes/followers you have on Facebook and Instagram.

    Product Page Trust Badges

    Putting trust badges on every page one at a time would be painful. An easy solution is to display your trust badges on the footer of your website. This will show your customers you are official and worthy of their business.

    Trust badges come in all shapes and sizes. If you have 100,000+ Positive reviews you can get a badge from them to show it off. If you are verified and secured, show it off. You get the point.

    Some of my favorite trust badges that build trust with customers are:

    • Verified & Secured
    • PayPal Verified
    • McAfee Secure
    • Credit Card Payment Methods I Accept American Express, Discover, Etc..

    Only use trust badges you have permission to use.

    Product Page Complete The Look Section

    Showing off products the other products the model in your product photos is crucial. If the product page is titled "The Las Olas Dress" and that is the main goal of the page. The model is wearing shoes and earrings, and the customer may want those as well.

    Use the Complete The Look section to help your customer get more of your products as well as give them a more enjoyable shopping experience.

    If you do not add this section, an alternative would be to drop links to the products in your details. "Model wearing A1A Shoe" as a clickable link to go to the product. I do not suggest doing this, it is simply an alternative to doing this correctly.

    E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices Similar Items

    Product Page Similar Items Section

    Give your customer a better experience of your products with this handy section. When you see a customer looking at a specific product, really soak in what that product is about and who would like it. Then break down what pages people viewed most often after viewing that product.

    Once you have a clear understanding of where people are going after they view the main product, other products available that are similar, and the products you want to move out of inventory. You can now pick and choose what you would like to be featured here to get the best return.


    There are a TON of things you can do to optimize your product page. It all comes down to what your objective is on the page. If you are having a one day sale it justifies a timer that's loud, but if you left that timer on every day people would be annoyed. Use proper judgment when using our advice, and do everything you can to build trust with the customer. If you have a dirty product page, the credit cards will stay in your customer's wallets.  

    E-commerce Product Page Template Best Practices Contact Hickey Media

    About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn. Or join my Facebook Community of both established and aspiring apparel, jewelry, and accessory businesses owners and employees that support and refer one another.

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