Facebook Customer Service Helpline

Facebook Customer Service Helpline Chat Email Hickey Media

Simply put there is no more Facebook customer service phone number. But you can reach a Facebook rep via email and live chat.

I often use the Facebook live chat for common issues and see that they do not understand how to resolve nor have the capabilities.

However larger issues call for a forum to be filed so you can get assistance.

You will only get serious problems resolved when spending top dollar on the ad account. Or highering an expert to try and resolve it. I don't have an exact number of how much you have to spend to qualify for Facebook help team anymore, but it's definitely over $200/day for any small time players out there.

Whenever I reach out to Facebook for help nowadays for serious get the same message. I contacted Facebook to help a client two days ago and the response was...

From Facebook Directly:

"We actively reach out to people who qualify to become managed clients. There is no way to request one."

- Kris, Facebook Rep

I needed help on a clients account, and they couldn't figure it out. When I asked about getting a representative to help this client out they clearly stated no longer do this by request. They choose who they want to rep now.

I've had reps in the past but they were only on top dollar accounts. And yes, they did in fact reach out to us.

Are you reading this post because your account was banned by chance? If so you should read this recent blog article we wrote. It will go over everything you need to know to prevent your account from being banned and how to get it back if that does happen.

Step 1: Open Chat With Facebook

Facebook Chat

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/business/resources

2. Scroll down to where it says Additional Support and click chat to start a chat box conversation.

Step 2: Fill Out & Submit The Closest Inquiry Forum To Your Problem

1. Account Access [Fill Out & Submit]

2. Account Disabled [Fill Out & Submit]

3. Ads [Fill Out & Submit]

4. Copyright Report [Fill Out & Submit]

5. Email Issues [Fill Out & Submit]

6. Feedback [Fill Out & Submit]

8. Login [Fill Out & Submit]

9. Mobile [Fill Out & Submit]

10. Page Names & Usernames [Fill Out & Submit]

11. Pages [Fill Out & Submit]

12. Payments & Charges [Fill Out & Submit]

13. Photos & Videos [Fill Out & Submit]

14. Privacy [Fill Out & Submit]

Step 3: Read Over The Help Center Q & A's To See If Your Issue Is There:

1. Facebook Help Community [Browse Questions]

2. Facebook Advertiser Help [Browse Questions]

Step 4: Wait

Now that you have a chat open with a representative, forum submitted, and have reviewed the Facebook frequently asked questions area. See if you can resolve your problem over the chat until you hear back via email. Typically the forums take Facebook about 2 days to get back to you.

I only submit the forum to back up the issue and guarantee my place in line for help in case the chat cannot resolve my issue.

As For The Phone Call Helpline...

Unfortunately, it's no longer available for standard accounts. Only high spending ad account qualify for a personal rep that you can contact. Let me know in the comments if you find them somehow. Let's help one another out.


The responses you get may not be a good answer, but you will be able to get ahold of someone to then get pointed in the right direction via chat and the forum. If they can't point you in the right direction send me an email at info@hickeymedia.com with your issue and I'll follow up with you right away.

About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn. Or join my Facebook Community of both established and aspiring apparel, jewelry, and accessory businesses owners and employees that support and refer one another.


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