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Fashion Marketing Secrets Hickey Media

When it comes to setting up your website, email list, facebook, analytics, things can get confusing. I help clients resolve their digital marketing problems every day, and get asked a lot of the same questions. And that's okay, I'm happy to help.

I took a moment to write out all the common questions and provide some quick Instagram friendly answers.

Sorry to be the guy to send you to Instagram. But I made an Instagram page where I share all my Fashion Marketing Secrets.

I dropped the link below, give it look and follow...

Instagram: @FashionMarketingSecrets

To give you an Idea of the fashion marketing secrets listed on the page:

  • The Best Audiences To Target On Facebook: Current email list, people that visited your website, people that purchased.
  • If You Have Trust Badges Available, Use Them: Verified & Secured, PayPal Certified, McAfee Secured Site.
  • Exit Pop-Ups Massively Grow Your List: Don't upset people with a pop up as soon as they land. Surprise them with an un-refusable offer on their way out.
  • View the Instagram page to view the rest...


There's a ton of secrets on that Instagram page I shared with you. But you have to promise me one thing if you go look at it. Take action! There are tips in there about your product page, facebook page, email campaigns, and anything else under the sun. Keep crushing it!

About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn. Or join my Facebook Community of both established and aspiring apparel, jewelry, and accessory businesses owners and employees that support and refer one another.


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