How to Get More Product Reviews On Any Channel

How to Get More Product Reviews On Any Channel Hickey Media

No doubt a positive product review is helpful in increasing brand trust. When new customers see a bundle of positive reviews on a website or a product page, they feel like they can blindly trust that particular company.

It’s common! I mean if I want to purchase something probably the first thing I would go for is reading customers reviews before making any purchase.

However, according to our survey, about 75% of customers prefer to read reviews before making a purchase, and I believe it’s their right to do so because they are going to put their hard earned money. About 90% of potential customers read reviews whether or not they purchase your product. We can a thorough eye on customer buying behavior.

So, I think is clear that collecting reviews or having reviews has its importance in online business. However, asking for a review and in a right way is not a one-time thing, you need to do it consistently to reach out to your customers and to grow your business.

Before you ask for reviews, make sure you have claimed your business on Yelp, Google Maps, etc to make life as easy as possible for the customer when searching for you.

Let’s get started...

How to Ask for Product Reviews

Make It Easier For The Customers:

    With a ton of different ways to ask for reviews, I want to make one thing clear. Choose the one that fits the relationship between you and the customer best. If you want to be commercial/corporate follow up with an email to allow them to respond in a timely fashion. Or if you have been working together I have found a quick phone call is a great way to catch up and make your big ask.

    Overall there are a few different ways to ask for reviews:

    1. In person ask the customer for a review when meeting after the project
    2. Email sent to the customer after delivery asking for a review
    3. Phone call to the customer after delivery asking for a review
    4. Pay per click ad in front of a customer asking for a review
    5. Text the customer asking for a review
    6. An area on the product page asking for reviews
    7. An area on the homepage asking for reviews
    8. Make area on all channels available to write reviews: Linked In, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp
    9. Offer Incentive Program asking for a review
    10. Include a flyer in outgoing shipments asking for a review
    11. Include a note on receipts asking for a review

    Convenience is all that customers desire to get when they shop from any online store. If you want customers to leave a review, you need to make it easier for them. That means including a link to where they need to go or steps to follow to make it happen.

    As you can see there are a ton of different ways to ask for a review, but there are only a few that we use because of the massive success they bring. We suggest starting with:

    1. In person ask the customer for a review when meeting after the project
    2. Email sent to the customer after delivery asking for a review
    3. A phone call to the customer after delivery asking for a review
    4. An area on the product page asking for reviews

    Star ratings make a big difference when making a buying decision. Don't be afraid to reach out to previous customers today. They may even be excited you called at a perfect timing because they need help on a project.

    How to Get More Product Reviews On Any Channel Hickey Media

    What To Say When Asking

      When you're asking the customer for a review remember why you are doing it. You are confirming you have met the customer's needs and they are truly satisfied. If they need any changes or want to do something new, this is a perfect opportunity to discuss.

      I'm not saying to write a sales ad to them. But more of a friendly favor.

      So, the best way is to send them a quick email very after they make a purchase and receive their goods. This way you can grow your business and create a good impact that you are concerned about their experience.

      An example template of how to ask for a review would be something like:

      • It was a pleasure working with you on ____________. Would you mind taking a moment to share your experience working with us on ________________. We often use Facebook & Linkedin, if you are interested, we would suggest reviewing us theirs. Thank you! I placed the links below to help easily find us...

      Give Them A Reward For Writing It:

        Two ways to use rewards with reviews.

        • Incentivize with the reward upfront for taking the time to review
        • Reward the customer with a gift for taking the time to review

        I often use it as a reward for them taking the time to write it. Why you may ask? Because I have been around so many reviews and written a ton. It really doesn't take more than a few minutes, and it's wild how much it benefits all parties.

        So, offering rewards in the form of coupons, discounts, etc. is an acceptable practice that you can use within your business. But make sure customers get a positive experience with your brand.

        Good or bad reviews, this will be great for your brand. Bad reviews bring their own positive impact on your brand. They make you fix these issues so they don't happen again.

        How to Get More Product Reviews On Any Channel Conversation

        How written reviews benefit your business?

        1. Free advertisement of business:

          Positive written reviews help your business to grow more and create a positive reputation among customers. Reviews work like a free advertisement for your business.

          You can place the review on the product page of your site to show other customers how great of an experience this product is.

          When a customer writes a review he is not only sharing is experience, but it is a call for future customers and aware them of what you are and what you do. So, we can say reviews are the source of your increasing brand trust.

          2. Improve Search Engine Results:

            Improving your business position in search engines should be one of your big aims. Reviews influence search engine results considerably.

            The more your brand name with positive reviews appears in the search results, higher the chances to get top position in search results.

            3. Peer recommendations:

              According to various market researches, customers most likely to trust peer recommendations than to trust advertising and I think it is fair enough. There should be transparency in your business reviews so that customers only get what you offer.

              People prefer to trust recommendations because they believe personal experience has more credibility than an advertisement. So, the more genuine and positive reviews your business will have, you are more likely to get success within your industry.

              4. A close relationship for future:

                Reviews work same like many other forms of social media. With online reviews, you get a chance to connect with your customers. You are more likely to get some reviews from different people and can reply to them. In this way, you get a chance to know their opinion regarding your business and help you to maintain a relationship with them.

                How to Get More Product Reviews On Any Channel Positive Hickey Media


                Product reviews are essential to building trust with your customer. Getting them isn't as hard as you think. Once you know who you are asking, it becomes more of a friendly ask. Avoid asking clients who you believe you didn't have a strong experience with. Your future customers will appreciate the insight, and it will increase their chances of purchasing your products and services.

                How to Get More Product Reviews On Any Channel

                About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn.



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