Klaviyo & Mailchimp Email Segmentation Techniques For More Sales

Klaviyo & Mailchimp Email Segmentation Techniques For More Sales Hickey Media

Email Segmenting is the best option if you want to increase engagement rates as well as sales. While some companies increase the email frequency, the best thing you can do is to opt for a proper segmenting strategy.

After all, your readers are most interested in things that are valuable and relevant to them. And that’s exactly what you need to offer!

Here you can find some Email Segmenting strategies to help you increase engagement rates naturally...

Newsletter Sign Up Segment

When someone signs up to your list do not just drop them into your main this. Make sure you send them specific emails to why they signed up. Was it the form on the footer of your website, or what is an exclusive offer? Sending this gets the stranger comfortable with your business, and lowers the chance of your ending up in spam for future campaigns.

  • Email 1: Introduce client to your company
  • Email 2: Lead them to connect with your other channels
  • Email 3: Give a unique offer

Make sure you send them the relative content of what they signed up for before dropping them into your main list.

Klaviyo & Mailchimp Email Segmentation Techniques For More Sales Empty Cart

Abandoned Cart Segment

You will notice that sometimes people add items to cart, but they abandon the purchase. If that’s the case, you need to re-engage them and show them the value of your product.

This way you may be able to complete their purchase. You want to target those persons that were close to buying from you. See the users that almost purchased and offer them an incentive, maybe a coupon code or free shipping.

  • Email 1: Reminder
  • Email 2: Reminder + Testimonial + Discount
  • Email 3: Reminder + Content + Larger Discount

Some people like to do longer segments here, but understand that if they don't want to buy it at this point, it's just not the right time.

Previously Purchased Segment

Show people relative content, that is what makes them stick around. A great example of this would be if someone bought pants from you. Show them a different style of pants that fit similar to the one they bought originally.

Or the upsell method of showing them a jacket that looks great with the pants they bought previously. 

Another great segment to use here is the amount spent. Customers that have to spend over $2,000 with you, are far different than customers who have spent only $100 with you. Understanding what your higher ticket clients want is key to putting the right ad in front of them and keep them coming back.

  • Email 1: Complete The Look With These Products.
  • Email 2: Check Out What's New Similar To What You Purchased.

Klaviyo & Mailchimp Email Segmentation Techniques For More Sales Abandoned Cart

Customer Engagement Segment

This one comes down to the clicks. Send a campaign to people who have engaged with your last five campaigns. You know these people are far more likely to click and take action than the other people on your list.

Perhaps you want to get more detailed and send it to people that clicked your last couple campaigns about headwear. You know these people are interested in headwear, so show them your new arrivals.

  • Email 1: New Arrivals - Tee's, VNecks, and more.
  • Email 2: Reminder email to those that clicked the offer and didn't purchase.

Customer Gender Segment

If you're selling both men and women's clothes it's important to know you are sending your emails to.

For example, if I am trying to sell the new men's arrivals that just came in. I would segment out the men, and send it to them. Yes, I could send it to both men and women, but I'd rather not get a ton of unsubscribes from women wondering why I am sending them irrelevant content.

  • Email A: Check Out The New Men's Arrivals
  • Email B: Check Out The New Ladies Arrivals

Customer Location Segment

This one mainly plays to shipping offers and in-store offers. However, there are many other uses for it as well. The weather at the specific location you choose plays a huge role in this.

If your the best hat company in Wisconsin, then if you're sending a segmented based off location. You could use the subject line to your advantage by saying "Check out the new arrivals from Wisconsin's favorite hat company." If you want to take it even further design your emails around this theme.

  • Email A: Miami Beaches Favorite Bikinis Are On Sale
  • Email B: Take 35% Off Our Best Selling Chicago Winter Jackets

Always remember to stay relative. Don't say your the best hat company in Wisconsin if you are based in New York. It is just plain confusing.

Klaviyo & Mailchimp Email Segmentation Techniques For More Sales


It is easy to get lost with all the options. The best thing to do is test them out one at a time. It will be clear as you continue testing what your customers enjoy the most. As well as what audiences like those offers most. After you established your base in email segmenting, then you can create a workflow to mix up these different styles every week. 

Klaviyo & Mailchimp Email Segmentation Techniques For More Sales

About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn.

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