How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business Hickey Media

Making a video for your business can be difficult. Yes, you could just shoot it on your iPhone but then the quality won't be so good and people won't take you seriously.

True and not true, sometimes there is a place for the cell phone video. For example a customer testimonial. Hard to believe a testimonial is real when it was shot with 3 different cameras in 4k.

This article is going to go over the positions you need to fill to make a professional video for your company on a budget.

Steps To Making A Profession Video For Your Business

1. Develop Your Video Concept

  • Budget - What is the total budget for this video? ($800, $3,000, $15,000)
  • Theme - What genre fits this video best? (comedy, horror, etc)
  • Locations - Will it be indoor or outdoor? What will the set feel like?
  • Song Choice - What song will capture the essence of the visuals?
  • Storyboard - The overall plan of the video on paper.

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business Concept Hickey Media

2. Assemble Your Video Crew

Having a large crew can be great to cover a lot of ground fast, but it gets expensive. You can get a lot done with a small crew, so below we listed the essentials for your next video campaign.

  • Director - Person responsible for assembling and guiding the crew to meet the vision of the project.
  • Videographer - Person who films the video.
  • Soundman - Person who records audio of the video.
  • Gaffer & Grip - Person in charge of lighting a scene and helping move camera equipment and tools.
  • Wardrobe - Person to style the models clothing.
  • Hair - Person to do the models hair.
  • Makeup - Person to do the models makeup.
  • Models - People you will be filming.

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business Video Crew Hickey Media

3. Get Proper Forms & Permits Completed:

Note: This depends if you are filming at your location or a public location, amongst many other factors.

The main Forms and Permits to get are:

  • Location Production Release(Filed with the city)
  • Model Production Release(Between you, the client, and the model)
  • Music Master Recording & Sync License(Between you, the client, and the model)

You typically only use those three, because I am often shooting at the client's location or in my studio.

Here are all the different permits and forms you should complete to be totally safe. As well as a short overview of what they are:

  • Location Permits(public or private)
    • Allows us to shoot on the location for a specific amount of time.
  • Location Production Release
    • Allows us to use the footage we captured on location to advertise with for the client
  • Client & Filmmaker Production Outline Form
    • A simple overview of the production, both parties approve and sign off to confidently begin the project.
  • Model Production Release
    • Allows us to use the footage we captured of the model to advertise with for the client
  • Music Master Recording & Sync License
    • Allows us to use the artist's music in our video and gives us the ability to advertise for the client
  • Acquired Footage Release Form
    • If the client provides with pre-recorded footage and images to be used in the video, this allows us to use those materials to advertise.

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business Forms Hickey Media

4. Shoot Day: Setting up the shoot

  • Set up location
  • Set up lighting
  • Set up camera
  • Set up audio
  • Position talent

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business

5. Shoot Day: Filming & Directing

  • Review the shot list and day plan with the crew
  • Go through shot list accordingly
  • Snacks & waters on set(lunch catered is a benefit)
  • Often check on models hair, makeup, wardrobe to confirm consistency
  • Back up memory cards as often as possible at a computer station

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business Shoot Day Hickey Media

6. Post Production: Editing & Revisions

  • Back up all footage to 1 external hard drive (2 if able for backup)
  • Match audio to video
  • Piece together the story in your timeline using the best clips
  • Include the music to help you sync the cuts to a beat
  • Include titles and credits

7. File Delivery

  • 1920x1080 / 15 Seconds+: Horizontal for YouTube.
  • 1080x1080 / 60 Seconds: Square for Facebook and Instagram sharing.
  • 1080x1920 / 15 Seconds: Tall verticle for Instagram & Facebook Stores
  • And any other requested file aspect ratios depending on agreement.

That's an overview of what it takes to make a great piece of content. There are a ton of other things that go into this such as composition and lighting techniques but this article is meant to give you an overview of how to bring all this to life yourselves.

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business Video Editing Hickey Media


It takes either 1 highly skilled Videographer or a video production team to make commercials depending on the detail. You don't always need to go big budget on your little videos. The length and quality of the video depending on the audience and the objective you want them to take. When you are going to be paying to advertise content, then its worth it to do all this right. it's some small little clip for your story all this is not as important.

How To Make Professional Videos For Your Fashion Business

About the Author:  Blake Hickey - For over 12 years my passion has been helping fashion companies BREAKTHROUGH the noise of online media and massively increase their profits. As founder and creative director of Hickey Media, I continue to find ways to help my customers excel. Connect with me on Instagram @HickeyMedia or LinkedIn. Or join my Facebook Community of both established and aspiring apparel, jewelry, and accessory businesses owners and employees that support and refer one another.



  • 9/19/22


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