How To Reactivate Facebook Account & Payments

How To Reactivate Facebook Account & Payments

Getting your account banned sucks. It's not a matter of how your account will get banned, it's a matter of when. Unless you are constantly reading about all the ad policies and staying sharp.

There are certain niches that make you far more likely to get banned. However, our niche in the fashion industry lets us sail smoothly with the marketing needs of our clients.

Let's get started...

How To Prep Your Facebook Account So It Doesn't Get Banned:

  1. Read Over The Advertising Policies & Procedures.
  2. Create a Busines Manager For Your Business under clients personal facebook login.
  3. Crease an Ad Account for your business under clients personal login.
  4. Create multiple backup Ad Accounts for your business, do not enter credit card info for these backup accounts. These are only used in case one ad account gets shut down.

Note: Do not create the ad accounts under your personal email or you will own the page. It will take away from the number of pages you personally can create. Have the client set up the page and then share admin access with you once set up. Or if they will share access to their personal Facebook Login information you can go and build this out for them.

How To Reactivate A Banned Facebook Account:

  1. Go to policies and procedures
  2. Do your best to understand what you did to get your account done so you can apologize and clearly state what you need to be resolved.
  3. Go to the specific forum you need based on your issue fill it out and submit with a scanned photo four drivers license.
  4. Once you submit your forum, open a chat with a Facebook rep right away to discuss the issue and see if they can resolve.

Note: 99.9% Of the time they won't give you access to that add account that was banned. You will have to create a completely new ad account from scratch.

If That is the case, then you should write them again clearly and lightly asking for more ad accounts. You could write something along the lines of:

"I am a Facebook marketing consultant and I help businesses get their company on Facebook to bring in more customers.
We do this by showing our customers how to set up a Facebook business page, business manager account, and begin running Facebook ads. With the client's permission, they share access to manage their accounts.
I have had the mistake happen with payment overlaps between accounts in the past and found that the best way to avoid that is to have different ad accounts for each business. 
Is there a way you can help me add more add accounts inside my business manager to be able to get more companies on the Facebook platform and better serve my clients?
All the best,
Your Name:"
Feel free to change up that verbiage however you want, that is a rough example.

Most Common Reasons Why You Were Probably Banned:

  • Negative Feedback On Ads
  • Abused Facebook Policies
  • Relevance Score On Ads

Inquiry Forums You Can Reach Facebook On:

  1. Disabled Ad Account Inquiry
  2. Ad Payment Inquiry 

And If You Feel Like Blowing Some Steam Off...


    The responses you get may not be a good answer, but you will be able to get ahold of someone to then get pointed in the right direction. If they can't point you in the right direction send me an email at with your issue and I'll follow up with you right away.

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