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Join the Vimby Production team to film and edit Walmart commercial in Tampa, FL. This would require me to move to Northern Florida for the position, and bring my own equipment.


Pack up my cameras, audio and lighting equipment and move North. Hired as a Digital Imaging Technician and Assistant Editor to take camera cards from the main shooter and transcode the footage and video timeline. I would also be available to film when two angles were needed.


Set myself and the rest of the video editing team up for success by being ahead of schedule and working on multiple computers at the same time to prepare video timelines for fast same day turnaround of commercials.


"I had the pleasure of working with Blake for two consecutive years while producing television commercials for Walmart. He is the quintessential professional, who knows his role and executes it very well. Blake served as the Digital Imaging Technician for the camera and editorial departments. His primary responsibilities were to transcode HD video footage and to organize final cut software timelines in preparation for editing the video footage. Crucial to this role is file naming for both video and audio cards, with excellent process documentation and organization so that all team members working on the project knew where to locate assets. Blake was always on point and consistently displayed a detail-oriented mindset, which greatly benefited the production. During this process, he also served as a secondary cameraman in times when additional camera angles were needed. The pace of filming was often very brisk, and his ability to succeed as a multi-dimensional team player was also monumental for the success of each commercial campaign. At the end of each shoot, Blake would then assist the editorial team in final compilation of the commercials. It’s no surprise that he excelled in this role as well.

With as good of a technical professional that I witnessed in Blake, what impressed me the most was his personality and demeanor. Blake is a quiet, confident professional, who understands the importance of performing his role to the best of his ability, but also contributing as a team member towards the big picture. He is extremely polite and respectful to all, and quick to assist others when in need. His willingness to do his job well, but be available to assist others was well noted and appreciated. Blake is incredibly pleasant to work with and elevates the work environment with his positive and focused mindset. He is always very aware of the process and how to accomplish the goals set forth."

- Kathryn Griege, Producer for TV/Film/Advertising/Branded Content

99% of the content I captured was broadcast on live television and was never posted on any other platforms.



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